TBS-3D is the combination of multiple software modules. The innovative software package uses the advantages of each module and provides the high-quality components in one comprehensive and many-faceted bending software program.
Use your XYZ or LRA data and convert the data records in the YBC, LRA or XYZ files. Add CAD files via STEP (.stp) and IGES (.igs) an and create the data required for the bending machine.

Target Group

For the user who is looking for the complete software package which handles every situation.

Software Modules

  • TBS-3D basic model
  • Designer Linear 2D
  • Designer Linear Dynamic
  • Designer gripper
  • Designer sketches expanded
  • Designer XYZ
  • Designer LRA
  • Import (STEP and IGES)
  • Simulation
  • Manufacturing inspection


Product picture

Other Bending Software

More details about our bending software is available via www.biegesoftware.de