Our product range includes bending machines with and without internal mandrel for cold forming of pipes and profiles. The mandrel bending machine of series S45 up to S90 are core products. In addition to the actual process of forming, our machines have the following properties:

  • Easy to use
  • Integrated pipe calculation (control or PC)
  • True-to-size production of geometries through compensation of the springback and correction of the change in length

More than just bending

Bending machines from Sommer Maschinenbau GmbH are characterised among other things by their stable and monolithic design. From the gear head to the mandrel carrier, our machines form a single unit and so guarantee the best possible stability and durability. The result of these machine designs is the ease of use of the system as well as the reduced set-up time. Other interesting benefits also result from the stability of the system.

The bending axis of the S series semi-automatic pipe bending machines is automated and the positioning as to length and torsional twisting is done manually. Mandrel bending machines from Sommer Maschinenbau GmbH have clear advantages over expensive and inflexible fully-automatic machines due to the optimised positioning options.

Of course, our mandrel bending machines are suitable for high quantities and can be used in both single and double shift operations. The benefits over fully-automatic machines lie in the significantly lower cost price and flexibility. It takes far less time to programme a geometry, tool change and the corresponding settings on the corresponding material.

The right choice of bending machine depends on the respective task. Thanks to our many years of experience, we assess your bending task and give you our authoritative opinion for completing the task successfully. To get absolute certainty, we offer bending tests. This can be carried out at our factory using demonstration or practice machines.


Maschine TypeBending performance of Steel PipesMax. Bending Radius
Mandrel bending machine S45 ø 42,4 x 3,25 mm 120 mm
Mandrel bending machine S55 ø 54,0 x 3,25 mm 150 mm
Mandrel bending machine S65 ø 63,5 x 4,0 mm 150 mm
Mandrel bending machine S80 ø 76,1 x 5,0 mm 200 mm
Mandrel bending machine S90 ø 88,9 x 5,0 mm 250 mm